My wife walks the halls this morning to see a child, only 6, with something all over his pants. It was syrup...stuffed in his pockets. The school offered syrup at breakfast. Not all of us have syrup at home...he wasn’t one of the chosen. He filled his pockets and walked around school all day with syrup in his pants…and then on his pants. My parents weren’t wealthy by the standards of America when I was a child, but there was always syrup. I wanted for a new pair of Nike shoes, a car when I turned 16, clothes we couldn’t afford except at certain times, etc. I never wanted for syrup...especially not at six.

In parallel, I am across town studying from Luke 20 and 21. Luke has become my favorite book of the Bible. The religious groups of the day are bombarding Jesus with questions...and one motivation...watching Him fail. They are so caught up in their power, position, and their own theology. Their theology that won’t even let them see the answer to their questions is Jesus. Jesus even condemns them for abusing their power to take advantage of the powerless. Of course, in their eyes, they had the power because they deserved it. Those without it, deserved to be without it. Sound familiar?

In a world of power, prestige, position, and prominence, Jesus walked with grace. He noticed where there was no syrup. And all who came to Him like children...never again had to want for syrup. I pray for a heart that always recognizes who holds ALL the syrup. I pray for a heart that recognizes my syrup is by His grace alone, and He has given me charge over give where it is needed. I pray for a community of hearts that have to give that kid their syrup...because that is what Jesus would have done. I pray for a world that doesn’t look to the government, the politician, or the system, but to the neighbor...who is a follower of Jesus the Messiah. When that happens, there will be syrup at every table.

That’s something I can be excited about.

Adam Walker