Jennifer Walker

Jennifer serves as a Co-Founder of Two Fish Ministries. She shares the same heart for the suffering children of our community, as well as a desire to prepare them for a better future through resources available to them. Jennifer serves as the school counselor at Horizon Elementary in Madison. In her time at Horizon, Jennifer has started a summer feeding program and LEAP Academy, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization for promoting confidence and leadership skills in children facing adverse circumstances. Alongside Adam, Jennifer is the co-founder and co-director of House of the Harvest. Jennifer serves as the LEAP Coordinator for two different schools, Horizon and Madison Cross Roads. Jennifer leads the social, emotional and mental components of Two Fish, Inc.


Adam Walker

Two Fish Ministries began in 2019 as Adam’s vision for a ministry that seeks to share and show Jesus to the world through real-life stories and experiences. The heart behind Two Fish, in Adam’s words, is for the broken, impoverished, suffering children of the world to experience transformation in all aspects - physical, emotional, mental, social and spiritual. Adam leads the physical and spiritual components of Two Fish, Inc.

Adam serves as an Assistant Principal at Madison Cross Roads Elementary school, one of the Youth directors and teaching ministers at the Light, and as one of the co-founders (alongside his wife Jennifer) of House of the Harvest, a community food distribution center that feeds and provides groceries to those in need on Saturday mornings. He also works as the administrator for LEAP Academy at Madison Cross Roads Elementary School.