It was only a week ago that we sat and talked at the kitchen table on Saturday morning. She had her plate of scrambled eggs and sausage. Me...just my usual cup of coffee. I really have come to love those moments of just being able to sit down in the kitchen and hear what people have to say. It has taught me how to see life differently, understand people more, and realize how challenging life is for some of our nearest neighbors. It’s easy for the average middle class guy who grew up in the average middle class family that valued education and being involved at one of the local churches. You know...the guy that was pretty well put on the right path by all the responsible people around him that took care of their responsibilities. 

But, life isn’t so easy for everyone and there are lots of different reasons why. Most of them, not even anyone’s fault. Just circumstances. We all have different circumstances. Where would I be if that had been my situation? What would my life look like? Would I have had the ability to overcome my circumstances? I don't really know the answer to that. But what I do know, is that I really respect the people I sit with and talk to about life like that...because it teaches me. It opens my eyes. It changes my perspective. Ultimately...caring about my neighbor and understanding him makes me a better version of myself. And hopefully I can help him become a better version of himself too. 

So we sat and eggs. And she talked to me about her difficulty finding a job. Physically, she is limited. Emotionally, she is drained. Mentally, she is tired. But spiritually...that was actually the one place where there was a little bit of life in her voice. So I followed suit. You know, for the most part, what happens to us is a result of what we believe will happen. Jesus said something like that. So I told her that morning, “Things are going to turn around for you. I don’t know the answer to the questions. I can’t tell you how, when, or what will prompt it. But there is no way that God is not looking out for someone who speaks in faith like you do.” 

Fast forward a week. Friday night I had been out at House of the Harvest putting in a new fridge. I had taken one out that wasn’t cooling well. We didn’t really have space for it any more. It was too small and we had been needing a new one for a while. So I took that fridge outside and left it for the morning. Someone will need it, and they will likely know exactly what to do to get it running. It’s funny...they can almost always fix it. 

Saturday morning. I am in the kitchen, coffee in hand. She comes around the corner with a smile on her face. She says, “Every time, He keeps taking care of me.” I reply, “Tell me about it.” She has an autistic grandson. Eleven years old. School has been a major struggle. In fact, they homeschool now. He is very limited verbally. Has a very hard time socially. The whole situation is a struggle. There isn’t much he enjoys. But...he wandered over to a basketball goal at a recent event and they couldn’t get him away from it. Over and over. Shot after shot. He was addicted. I can relate. He told them he wanted a basketball goal. Two days later, they found one. It was on the side of the road. They stopped at the house and asked if they could have it. “Please take it,” was the reply. Even God knows every kid needs a basketball goal. 

Before the weekend arrived, the fridge at her house went out. Before I finished my first cup of coffee, she had a new one. We loaded it up in the back of her husband’s truck. Just as I began to tell him it didn’t cool well, he responded, “I work on these things all the time. Used to be my job. I won’t have no trouble getting it right.” And there you go. A basketball goal for the grandson on Friday, a new refrigerator for the kitchen on Saturday, and just the right person to get it restored. She said, “I know He loves me. He shows me all the time.”

And that is what I love most about Saturday mornings. Watching God do what He does best...showing people He loves them through the smallest of things. Restoring hope in the hearts of restoring things like basketball goals and refrigerators, at just the right time and for just the right person. 

Thank you, Father. That was a pretty good cup of coffee You made this morning.

“But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.” Mt. 6:33

Adam Walker