House of the Harvest

Started by Adam and Jennifer Walker in November of 2015, House of the Harvest (HOH) is a community food distribution center. HOH provides food assistance in the form of groceries to an average of 175 families every Saturday morning from 7:30-9:00 AM. HOH also does other things for children throughout the year such as snack bags, an annual Christmas Party, and school snacks for needy children. HOH serves the needy in the community through prayer, love, and food. Read more here. Anyone can participate and anyone can volunteer to help the efforts of this community organization located in Harvest, Alabama directly across from the Post Office.


HOH Breakfast

Started by Adam and Jennifer in 2018, breakfast at House of the Harvest feeds 150-200 hot meals to patrons and volunteers alike every Saturday morning between 6:30-8:30 AM. Wendell Waite, Jim Ikard, and Lin Brittain manage the cooking, serving, and cleaning for Saturday morning breakfast at HOH. Breakfast at HOH is free for anyone in the community thanks to the efforts of these guys and their crew of volunteers each week. The mission of Breakfast at House of the Harvest is to provide an opportunity for individuals to build “community” with each other and, as a result, minister to their social and emotional needs.