Two Fish is Adam’s personal story of learning to walk by faith and trust in his own relationship with God. It tells the story of House of the Harvest beginning through the lens of the founders, Adam and Jennifer Walker. The theme of the book is founded in Ephesians 3, discovering the God of immeasurably more. If you are looking for a true account that will increase your faith, this is a great book for you.



Two Fish Blog can be found on this website. Adam adds an article every Sunday morning to his blog. The goal of the blog is to help people see God and His activity in every day life. The heart behind it is to move us to see and understand the world through the same lens that God sees it. Every blog post is written prayerfully and thoughtfully with the intent of motivating people to become more like Jesus. They are real-life stories, involving people all over our community. Adam’s desire is for everyone to see how God is working through each of us and all of us together, in order to help us become more.



Looking for an opportunity to serve? You can join the team at House of the Harvest any Saturday morning from 7:30-9:00 AM. The organization is completely run by volunteers. Bring yourself or your group and join in serving your community. All volunteers are welcome. You don’t have to sign up…just show up. If you have a group of 15 or more, contact Adam via email: