Two Fish

We serve a God who can do immeasurably more than we can ask, dream, or imagine (Ephesians 3:19-21). This workshop is a guided study to help participants grow in their faith so that we can live in this reality. The workshop is based on the the Two Fish book, but also with deep study of Scripture and its’ relevance to our lives. We will explore how to live by the promises of the Bible in more meaningful ways, drawing from the real stories of Scripture paralleled with real-life events of today. Email Adam ( for more details.

Transforming Culture

The theme of the Bible is transformation. God desires to continually transform things in all of our lives. Often times we focus more on the salvation aspect of Christianity than we do the transformation aspect. This workshop focuses on the life and ministry of the prophets, Jesus, and His disciples. What was their message? What should our ministry look like as it relates to what we know about the message of the Bible? How do we create cultures of transformation? What do we desire and what are we producing in our churches? Email Adam ( for more details.

The Parables of Jesus


Missional Communities


Jesus the Messiah

This workshop is a guided study of some of the Parables of Jesus. Participants will walk together through a series of studies, each focused on one of the Parables of Jesus and what He desired for His followers to draw from it. The studies will be centered on finding the understanding of God’s heart for us, what He desires to communicate to us, and how we should receive and apply it to our lives today. We will seek to answer the question, how should we live today in light of what Jesus’ own ministry teaches us about Himself, the Kingdom of God, and life on earth? Email Adam ( for more details.

This workshop will explore how to be on mission together in the communities around us. Drawing from Adam and Jennifer’s own experience starting and managing House of the Harvest, we will take an in-depth look at what it means, how to organize, and what the goals should be. We will also discuss spiritual growth, prayer, church, and other topics within the context of the missional community. Email Adam ( for more details.

This workshop will take an in-depth look at Jesus the Messiah as He would have been seen through the Jewish lens of His day. Scripture opens up new life and new meaning when we begin to explore the culture Jesus lived in and spoke in. What are we missing because we fail to relate to His world? What would we do differently in our lives if we had a better understanding of Him? Our faith transforms when we connect with Jesus the Jewish Messiah. Email Adam ( for more details.