I was always early to work. I like to be where I am going a little early. But I was always second. Every morning I would arrive and her car would already be in the parking lot. I would walk down the hallway to my room and pass hers on the way. I would always stop in the doorway and we would talk for a minute, not small talk, it was always pretty deep. She was a good friend. A good listener. Always available for everyone. Very respectable and very wise person. It was no wonder everyone looked up to her. It was no wonder that she was one of the people that everyone went to. Everyone. 

There was one morning that I was first in that parking lot. I pulled in and her car was not there. I instantly knew something was wrong. It could have been any number of things. A day off, a doctor’s appointment, a simple sick day, or just a mental health day that educators need from time to time...especially in the Spring. None of those scenarios crossed my mind. It was a feeling from the Holy Spirit and I knew it in the moment. As I parked my car by the softball field and began to get out, I knew there was something happening and it was not good.

I sent her a text on my way in just to ask if everything was okay. I didn’t hear back from her and when on about my day. My day started and my hands were full with sixth graders. I completely forgot about my coworker and her situation. It’s funny how we so easily forget the feelings and movements of the Holy Spirit but we can so easily remember the feelings we get from the enemy. 

My classroom sat in a dead spot. I never got messages during the day. When I had people running food pickups, I would have to take my phone in between classes and walk outside and all my messages would come in. Then I would call or text them back real fast and get back to class. About midway through one of my classes, a message came through. Strange. It was her. 

She was asking for prayers. One of her children had to be taken to the ER the night before. He was found unresponsive. At this point they were losing hope. She was breaking down. It didn’t look promising. Her words to me were simple, “Right now I need prayers more than anything.” 

I walked into the empty room next door, got on my knees, and prayed for this young man I have never met because I knew I was supposed to. I was supposed to notice her car not being there that morning. I was supposed to know that something was going on with her. I was supposed to get that text that came through when those messages never came through. And I was supposed to pray for that guy I didn’t know that morning. 

I didn’t know much what to pray other than to ask God to let him live. I’ve heard people talk about seeing visions when they pray. I had never experienced it before, at least not that I was in tune to. But on that morning, when I prayed for that young man, I saw a clear vision. As I prayed, I saw a dark mountain covered in shadows. As I continued praying the light started moving over that mountain, and as the light broke the shadows I could see a ledge on the side of that mountain. Immediately I saw a lion up on the ledge and stepping into the light. As soon as he was completely in the light, he lifted his head up toward the sky. 

Much like I knew something was wrong when I pulled in that parking lot, I knew everything was going to be okay when I saw that vision in my mind. I got up off the floor, went back to my room, wrote his name on a piece of paper, tacked it up on my prayer wall, and went about my day. 

It wasn’t much longer when I received the message from her that he was responsive again. The doctors shared with them how lucky he was to be alive. From where I sit, I wouldn’t call it lucky. I think I would call it blessed. 

“Cast all your anxiety on Him because He cares for you.” 1 Peter 5:7

Adam Walker